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10 1110 Going FWD

The theme of this issue of The agAdvance, "The Decade Ahead", is certainly appropriate for the Carbon Offsets business and all that this new industry sector encompasses. For this discussion, I would like to take the opportunity to discuss the Ag sector within the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) framework both domestically and internationally.

The most exciting news within Canada is that the Government of Saskatchewan has introduced and passed legislation (The Management and Reduction of Greenhouse Gases Act) in the spring session which will create the second regulated jurisdiction in Canada for reduction of GHG Emissions. We have every expectation that Agriculture will play a dominant role in this pivotal "law of the land" which will recognize farmer's abilities to capture and store GHGs through innovative and effective biological sinks such as Tillage Management among others. We are currently awaiting the approved protocols which will allow producers to participate in this new revenue stream potential for our Saskatchewan partners.

Meanwhile, Alberta Environment is poised begin the process to approve a Nitrous Oxide Emission Reduction Protocol (NERP) which goes to the reduction of Nitrous Oxide emissions out of the soil using certain agronomic principles after the addition of either organic or synthetic Nitrogen sources to cropland. Stay tuned for details!

Meanwhile, our federal Environment department has made it known publically that there will be a National Offset system implemented in Canada which will be harmonized to the USA Offset system upon emergence of the Kerry-Boxer bill from the Senate. We all wish that we had an accurate forecast of when that might happen and what it might look like. However, it is clear that Agriculture will play a critical role in the mitigation of GHG Emissions going forward south of the 49th parellel.

Agri-Trend Aggregation Inc. (ATAI) was recently invited to Rosario, Argentina to address AAPRESID, the National Argentina Zero-Till Association. Progressive Argentinean producers want to understand how Agriculture plays such a dominant role in GHG Emissions reduction strategies in North America as they enter discussions with their National Government agencies who are developing GHG reduction targets going forward as they could be tied to Trade issues with the USA, China, India and others around the world. In fact, several other major Agricultural exporting countries in South America are involved with their Governments to insure that this new revenue stream is made available to producers as well. The European Union already has a functioning GHG "Cap and Trade" system which is currently trading Offsets at a higher price than is available in Alberta.

In summary, Western Canadian producers in Alberta and Saskatchewan are currently or will soon have the option to become involved in this exciting new opportunity which is completely voluntary. At ATAI, we have the experience, the database, the transparency and the requisite industry knowledge to assist you with generation and marketing of this valuable commodity if you wish to participate in this revenue stream. The rest of the world, as we see it, will be attempting to follow our lead in some capacity. Let us help you determine if you qualify by calling or contacting us on our web site.

We should all be proud that we are recognized as leaders in the global Agricultural space in contribution to the betterment of the whole Climate Change issue in a sustainable manner. Look for updates at The Farm Forum Event in Saskatoon and future issues of this journal.

Bill Dorgan, President
Agri-Trend Aggregation Inc.
p. 403.608.0992
e. bdorgan@AGRI-TREND.com

About the Author
Bill Dorgan

Dorgan is President of Agri-Trend Aggregation Inc. He has held a number of key positions in the agricultural industry, most recently as Vice President of PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. Advisory Services, with extensive senior management experience in sales, marketing, business development and finance in the agricultural sector.

He has also been Vice President of Canada’s largest agricultural co-operative, overseeing the largest agricultural retail supply networks in Canada, with P & L responsibility for sales in excess of $400 Million. 

Dorgan can be reached at bdorgan@agritrend.com 


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