Carbon Cheques…just in time for spring!

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03 0410 Carbon Cheques

Carbon Cheques…just in time for spring!As this issue of The agAdvance hits the farm kitchen table, many farmers will also be getting another piece of mail…another cheque - from the 5th block of Carbon credits transacted by Agri-Trend Aggregation Inc (ATAI).

“We are very pleased with the progress we have made with The Soil Carbon Offset Program™ (SCOP)”, says ATAI President, Bill Dorgan, “With each block our SCOP process becomes more refined and we are able to deliver great value to our farm customers.”

Element Markets LLC of Houston, Texas makes equity investment in Agri-Trend Aggregation Inc.

“The inclusion of Element Markets as a partner of Agri-Trend Aggregation means that our firm is well positioned to offer continued leadership in the field of greenhouse gas and carbon offset aggregation for agriculture,” said Robert Saik, CEO of ATAI.

“As this market unfolds, we value the role Element Markets will play in expanding our business across Canada and into the US. We feel it is very important to our farmer customers that we link ourselves to a partner that has strong ties in Washington, Ottawa and into the energy sector.”

Currently, Agri-Trend Aggregation Inc. operates in Alberta, working with farmers using a tillage protocol. This protocol documents carbon sequestration in soils through advanced farm management practices. ATAI has aggregated more agricultural carbon offsets than any other single entity and has returned significant payouts to Alberta farmers.

Customers purchasing carbon offsets from ATAI include those from the fertilizer, oil & gas, chemicals and cement sectors. ATAI also has a presence in Saskatchewan through a network of Carbon-Coaches™ in anticipation of the passage of a Saskatchewan climate change bill in 2010.

“We are Canada’s most trusted supplier of agricultural offsets to the Large Final Emitter community and a prominent and well-established player in terms of volumes transacted,” said Dorgan.

“The addition of Element Markets as a strategic partner reaffirms our commitment to operate our business in a transparent and professional manner that yields tremendous value to farmers and meets the needs of Large Final Emitters. The offset system in Alberta continues to mature with the number of offset projects, the volume of credits and the number of market
participants increasing every year”.

Watch for Contract Confusion

The other dominant issue that we want to make our clients aware of is the large and varied number of contracts that producers are being exposed to. Fee structures are, in many cases, not entirely transparent.

There are "splits" ranging from 60 to 85 percent accruing to the producer, but some contracts have trailing fees that refer to verification costs and future audit costs, which would be borne by the producer.

ATAI has structured its contract with it's clients to be as transparent as can be made, with full disclosure of any and all current and future cost, clarity as to the term - one year at a time, clear termination options if required, and clear risk mitigation for our producer partners.

Please contact ATAI and we'll have a knowledgeable "Carbon-Coach" visit you in person to discuss these important issues, instead of trying to understand these issues over the phone or fax.

Bill Dorgan, President
Agri-Trend Aggregation Inc.
p. 403.608.0992

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