Carbon Offset Trading: What does the Future Hold?

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Whatever momentum that Carbon Offsets have today in Canada has been largely created by the Climate Change and Emissions Management Act of Alberta – legislation which was enacted in July, 2007. As an Aggregator of Offsets working within and on behalf of the Agricultural sector, it has been a very slow and “labour intensive” process to not only put compliant quality tonnes into the marketplace but to get accurate information in a non-biased manner into the hands of producers.

At Agri-Trend Aggregation Inc. (ATAI), we have experienced reactions from producers ranging from skepticism and doubt to complete mistrust. This range of acceptance has also been evident at the corporate level among the Large Final Emitters, the folks who purchase our offsets. We have worked very hard to instill confidence in our producer/partners as well as corporate customers that agricultural offsets are demonstrable, quantifiable and measurable. They must also have been verified by a qualified, independent third party as to the accuracy of the information provided by our producer/partners. And finally, they must be very transparent and acceptable to the Regulator – the Government of Alberta.

We have made significant progress in that we are in the final stages of concluding our second sale of a large block of Offset tonnes at the time of this writing. Potential corporate customers are still somewhat skeptical of agricultural based Offsets but are gaining confidence in Agri- Trend’s Soil Carbon Offset Process (SCOP) which produces a very high quality Offset tonne which can be acquired with confidence by our/your customer.

Governments, both provincially and federally are also proceeding to establish Offset trading systems in other parts of the country. There is momentum building for these systems to be implemented, even though it may appear to be a process in limbo. I would like to take the opportunity to quote from a December article from Bennett-Jones in Toronto – a large, nationally recognized law firm:

The arrival of the green economy will not be delayed by the economic downturn. Increasingly, market-based solutions to environmental and social issues will be sought, found and implemented. For example, the great experiment with greenhouse gas emissions trading as a key element in the climate change solution will finally get traction in 2009 and be ready to roll in 2010. Beware potential new climate change rules in the U.S. which will make life difficult for a number of Canadian businesses producing both primary and manufactured products.”


We are working hard to assemble Offset tonnes for our next sale which we anticipate will be in late March, 2009. Please call one of our local agents or associates to assist you with this opportunity and continue to make agricultural offsets the “instrument of choice” for GHG compliance reduction in Alberta. We continue to lobby and encourage other provincial jurisdictions to implement a “Made in Canada” GHG reduction strategy which includes the responsible and professional producers within the Ag sector.

Bill Dorgan, President
Agri-Trend Aggregation Inc.
p. 403.608.0992

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