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06 0711 Grain MKT

“Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember it didn't work for the rabbit.” - Humorist R.E. Shay


With an Agri-Trend Market-Coach, grain marketing need not be a risky gamble or a guess.

Enter: Garnet Martin

Garnet is passionate about the markets. As a farmer, he took a special interest in understanding what drove the markets to do what they do and eventually started taking grain-marketing courses to satisfy his curiosity. When the local Sask Pool elevator in Watrous was offered up for sale, he decided to take his involvement in grain marketing to the next level; so, he purchased it, and began trading. Through his farm, he is a customer of local Agri-Coach Grant Michelson, and was familiar with how Grant and the Agri-Trend Network help him make better agronomic decisions. so when he learned about the opportunity to become an Agri-Trend Market-Coach and get directly connected with all the resources and training they offered, it made total sense for him.

Garnet “I’ve lived through the good times of the 70’s, the struggles of the 80’s, and saw lots of change in the last 20 years. From all of that I understand how crucial it is to have a solid plan. That’s a lot of what I do for my customers now.”

How does Garnet work with his customers?

“On any given day a farmer can be the CEO, the logistics manager, a mechanic, a parent, an agronomist and a purchasing manager. It’s busy, and even those who are passionate about marketing and good at it, don’t usually find enough time to develop a thorough strategy, stay on top of the markets every day, and then manage their portfolio. I work with them to do all that.”

Garnet also acts as a sounding board that his customers can bounce ideas off. He knows how important it is to really listen and understand each unique situation. Every farm has a different unit cost; a different type of risk to guard against, different cashflow requirements throughout the year, different storage and delivery options and the list goes on.

“I work with my customer to determine an accurate cost of production, annual cashflow projections and then set profit targets. Information about the markets is then used to build the strategy, and from there it’s all about paying close attention to the market trends, adapting to them to stay on course and meet the goals of our strategy.”

“The Agri-Trend Network links me in with the information I need, as well as the interpretation of it by the analysts, traders, Senior Market-Coaches, and fellow Market-Coaches from different areas of the country. I feel very well equipped to help my customers reach their goals.”

“Garnett is not just some guy in an office trying to give advice. He is a real farmer who understands the details andchallenges of running a farm operation. I’m new to farming and Garnett has been great because he explains concepts really well and takes the time to understand me and my tolerance for risk. Garnett has been very helpful with risk management. He is never pushy and has helped me establish and achieve the goals I've set. I can tell Garnett likes his job a lot and is passionate about the business of farming.” - Garnett’s Grain Marketing Client: Henry Steiner

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About the Author
Derek Squair

Squair is President of Agri-Trend Marketing Inc. 

He previously worked as General Manager of ConAgra’s Nokomis Inland Terminal, where he oversaw 15 grain elevator staff and three marketing staff. Squair later became Operations Manager of Canada, where he oversaw four inland grain terminals in Western Canada. He went on to become Director of Operations of Terminal 22, a Cargill joint venture with an Inland Grain Terminal located in Balcarres, SK, where he was instrumental in a major restructuring.

Squair was also a partner in a John Deere Dealership with Cervus LP, before joining Agri-Trend Inc. He can be reached at

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