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Anywhere, anytime, and on your favorite device… The Agri-Data Solution

Farms near the Saskatchewan communities of Plenty, Kindersley, Marengo, Elrose, Eatonia, and Leader now have access to a very powerful tool, The Agri-Data SolutionTM. G-Mac ‘s AgTeam Inc. is offering the program to the area as a service that complements their overall agronomy offer.

Garth MacDonald, CEO of G-Mac, believes that data management on farms is one of the most important trends happening in agriculture right now, it will really emerge in the next few years, but the best benefit a few years from now will go to those farmers who are starting the process now.

“Traceability of the origins of food, and full transparency of ingredients, is a major trend with urban consumers right now. The buyers of what our farms produce will soon be demanding to see the records, it won’t be an option, and of course they’re not going to want to sort through a bunch of paperwork to get that done. Land investors and land renters will also want to see field productivity and maintenance to appraise the value of land. Without field data, good land is worth less” says MacDonald.

Jeremy German, an agronomist with G-Mac, explains, “The Agri-Data Solution makes it easy to keep track of what happens to a field throughout the season, data can be entered in the moment through just about any device whether it’s an iPad or a laptop or a SmartPhone, and then it can be used in a lot of different ways. Looking at multiyear trend lines from any field is always very revealing.”

Jeremy goes on to say, “It starts being about field productivity, managing the details most efficiently, and being able to put your finger on the right information quickly, wherever you are. Sitting in your field, you can pull up the soil or tissue samples from previous years, you can look at fertilizer or herbicide applications that happened an hour ago or a year ago, you know what variety was seeded, you can look at your yield maps or a satellite photo.”

“That’s where it starts. But it quickly leads to building a complete annual plan for every field and forming a shopping list by mid winter, and being able to work with your local agronomist on it. The data is rolled up to show cost per bushel of production, profit per crop or profit per field, and other reports to make any farmer a better manager.”

Jeremy adds, “Connectivity with the rest of the industry when you want it is also a major convenience. For instance there is a seeded acreage report that can be filed online with Saskatchewan Crop Insurance in just a few minutes, all your data is there already. Using the same information, your carbon credits can be sold as a new revenue stream. It may be a grain company that needs to see details before contracting your field.“

Kevin Pattison, president of The Agri-Data Solution, adds “Farmers understand there’s value in better record keeping, but are often reluctant because they don't think they have the time or a proper system that suits their style. By working along with an Agri-Trend Agri-Coach or a retailer such as G-Macs on The Agri-Data Solution, it’s a collaborative approach, it’s very efficient with both parties entering different types of data. It also becomes a live time communication tool between the farmer and the retail, so the details of field plans or product
applications are immediately available.”

To learn how The Agri-Data Solution can work for you, call...

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