Agri-Trend Agrology and UFA Join Forces

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06 0711 Agri Tend Agrology And UFA

Farmers in Alberta may notice a “Powered by Agri-Trend” logo displayed at selected UFA retail outlets this season, and given that Agri-Trend is not in the business of selling crop inputs, this deserves some explanation.

The model is simple. The United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) is one of the best known agriculture brands in Alberta, more than 100 years old, with a presence virtually touching every farmer in the province. UFA has developed a new incentive program to reward its key customers with an opportunity to work directly with local independent Agri-Trend Agri-Coaches to help manage their agronomy program to a higher level.

With cutbacks from both the government extension departments and product manufacturers, knowledge and training resources for farmers are at an all time low at the same time as farmers are being challenged with growing the equivalent food production of the last 10,000 years in the next four decades, with less farmers and fewer acres. Beating the challenge will result from being able to learn, unlearn, and relearn new technologies, and being able to manage everything more precisely.

The nationwide Agri-Trend Agrology Network of Agri-Coaches exchanges information daily in a truly collaborative approach to helping their customers. To ensure they are the top of their industry in terms of training and access to information resources quickly, Agri-Trend has developed the deepest agronomic bench in Canada with 17 Senior Agri-Coaches and more than 600 years of industry recognized knowledge and wisdom. To capitalize on this capacity, a new corporate opportunity called the Agri-Trend Agrology launched the Corporate Agronomic Assurance Proposition (CAAP). The main concept behind CAAP is to provide immediate agronomic leadership, credibility and confidence to a limited number of Industry partners, UFA being the first in.

Through crop input purchases at UFA locations in Brooks, Strathmore, Red Deer, Stettler, Camrose, Provost, and Vermilion this season, key customers will earn vouchers they can invest towards becoming a customer of the local independent Agri-Coach of their choice, and receive direct support for their agronomy program with no tie to product sales. Agri-Coaches participating so far include Matt Gosling, Andrew Clements, Chris Solick, Johnathon Nagel, Matthew Perreault, Trent Pawlick and John Mayko. As we move forward, there will be more locations and more Agri- Coaches joining the program.

I’m really excited about this partnership and the opportunity it brings everyone, especially growers and their Agri-Coaches. Every farmer can certainly benefit from solid, science based, agronomic advice. Agri-Trend Agrology has a proven track record of providing non-biased agronomic leadership for > 13 years.

Elston Solberg, Senior Agri-Coach™
President; Agri-Trend Agrology Ltd.
p. 403.343.8288

About the Author
Elston Solberg

Elston brings over 25 years of research expertise to Agri-Trend, through his work as Head Cereal Specialist and Research Agronomist with Alberta Agriculture. In addition to his experience as a researcher at the University of Alberta, Elston also has experience in the waste management industry, including municipal and intensive livestock operations. He has authored, co-authored, and published many research papers in a wide variety of technical and industry journals, and has contributed to numerous articles throughout the ag-media sector. Elston and his associates have raised the awareness of copper fertilization, and he is one of the world’s foremost authorities on sulphur nutrition. Mr. Solberg was instrumental in the establishment of the Crop Diagnostic Training Centre near Edmonton. He has been involved in agricultural projects throughout North America, Europe, China and Australia, and is an accomplished speaker being well received by farm and industry audiences alike. As Head of The Agri-Knowledge Division, Elston provides leadership to our retailers (Agri-Trend Associates), consultants (Agri-Coaches) and farm clients by: Overseeing the agronomic integrity of all Strategic Crop Plan™ recommendations; Providing internal and external training through The Agri-Training Solution™; Managing The Agri-Trend Research Initiative™, and Developing Agri-Knowledge Tools for Strategic Crop Plan farm clients & Agri-Coaches.

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