Saskatchewan Prepares for GCG Regulation

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06 0710 Saskatchewan Prepares

The Government of Saskatchewan has made public its plans for the creation of a second regulated jurisdiction for GreenHouse Gas (GHG) Emissions in Canada. Bill 126 is already well into the legislative process and the following is the timing guideline issued by Saskatchewan Environment which will have this Bill signed into law. The following excerpts have been taken in part from a discussion document tabled at a review discussion:

06 0710 Saskatchewan Prepares 2Timeframe for Implementation

  • March - April: Consultation on the draft regulations
  • April - May: Second and Third reading of Act
  • April - June: Guidance documents, standards and protocol development
  • May - June: Review and approval of regulations 
  • Proclamation of Act
  • Gazetting of regulations

The Objectives of the Legislation are to implement a “Made in Saskatchewan” solution as follows:

  • A proactive and effective approach to work with regulated emitters on desired reductions in GHG
  • Balance the public goal of lowering emissions while supporting economic competitiveness 
  • Retain carbon compliance payments (CCPs) in Saskatchewan in order to invest in solutions and research
  • Achieve provincial target for reductions - 20% reduction from 2006 levels by 2020 
  • Emission reductions will apply to regulated emitters in excess of 50,000 tonnes
  • Additional programs will be required to reduce emissions in other sectors and in other ways

Implementation and Tentative Guidelines for Tillage Management

  • Tillage Management protocol will have an effective start date of January 1, 2006
  • Tech Fund value still to be determined
  • Soil zones (Eco Regions) to be determined
  • Yield coefficients by eco-region to be determined

Please contact us or go to for updated information as we receive it. Our data management platform is ready for implementation and we will be ready to bring this new opportunity to our Saskatchewan clients immediately after the regulations go into effect.......stay tuned!

We recently concluded a major sale of our fifth pool of tonnes on behalf of our Alberta clients and proceeds from the sale have been distributed. However, it became obvious to us that many of the Large Final Emitters in Alberta have successfully implemented new processes and/or technology which have enabled them to reduce emissions. Obviously, this reduces their Offset requirements by an equivalent amount. As a result of reduced demand, we encourage any producers who qualify for Offset generation but have not yet participated in this market to contact us as soon as possible and prepare for your participation in this opportunity.

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