Carbon Offset Credits Down Under?

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To date, AGRI-TREND Aggregation has sold approximately 2.3 million tonnes of carbon offsets under the tillage protocol and paid Alberta farmers more than $23 million. This opportunity continues on an annual basis for anyone in Alberta not yet participating or on a renewal basis for those currently involved.

The Government of Saskatchewan has formally announced that they will soon be proceeding with both NERP (Nitrous Oxide Emission Reduction) and tillage offset protocols. Approval is anticipated in mid 2013. AGRI-TREND Aggregation is ready to manage the transactions on behalf of farmers as soon as it officially begins

As the number of offsets required in Saskatchewan will be much lower than in Alberta, we recommended you prepare in advance by getting field locations and crop histories recorded now to take full advantage of the opportunities as they become available. There is no cost to get started now.

For further information on how to develop new income streams from your farmland in Alberta or Saskatchewan, please call us at 1 (877) 276-7526

The following is a news article from Australia Broadcast Corporation (ABC Rural) demonstrating that Carbon Offsets are indeed a global reality and growing in acceptance as a responsible way in which agricultural producers can get involved in the difficult work of mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Carbon farming could be worth a billion dollars to northern Australia

By Matt Brann
Friday, 30/11/2012

The emerging carbon economy for northern Australia has the potential to generate a billion dollars a year, according to a study by the CSIRO.

The report identified three key opportunities for generating carbon credits in northern Australia, which were reducing emissions from fire and livestock, biosequestration in soils and vegetation and growing sustainable feedstocks for aviation biofuel.

Presenting a carbon workshop in Darwin today, Dr Tim Moore from Northwest Carbon, says a billiondollar carbon industry in the north is plausible, but there needs to be more targeted research, commercialisation strategies and "serious investment from corporate players".

"And I think the Government needs to better advertise the opportunities to landholders, because a lot of landholders got lost in the noise of the carbon tax and the damage it was going to do to the economy," he said.

"But we're now six months into the carbon price and everyone has realised that it's probably not so bad and I think the opportunities and the upside really need to be sold to landholders and land managers.

"If the carbon price is able to get around $29 a tonne and carbon projects are able to generate significant volumes in the north, then a billion-dollar industry is plausible." Federal Minister for Regional Australia Simon Crean says the carbon market was a huge opportunity for northern landholders.

"CSIRO found the benefits of the carbon economy will not be confined to climate change action, but could generate environmental and livelihood benefits. So getting a slice of the carbon economy action will be a win-win for farmers in northern Australia," he said.

"The report confirms that while much remains to be learnt, it's vital the region positions itself to embrace the carbon economy.

"CSIRO will now consult with the northern states and territories on the study and will work with industry and indigenous groups to investigate how we can translate the three key opportunities into projects that stack-up."

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