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1213 Get Into The Zone 01The term ‘precision farmer’ may be on its way out.

Some experts argue that it will become redundant because soon —if not now — all farmers will be using precision ag techniques in one way or another. It will be a standard part of farming.

Warren Bills, Vice President of Geo Solutions with AGRI-TREND Inc., says the company’s PowerZone offering is a simple, hands-on tool that assists in making the day-to-day decisions on their farm. It’s the kind of hard evidence — a field’s CV or list of past achievements — that could come in handy every time they head out to scout a crop.PowerZone serves up 30 years of satellite imagery on a piece of land. The AGRI-TREND technology team compiles the LandSat Imagery, which originates from the U.S. Geological Survey, and then runs it through a spatial analysis algorithm to come up with Crop Productivity Index (CPI) readings covering the entire plot of land.

“We can then look at this and determine where the field has more or less potential to grow a good crop,” says Bills.

“As these tools become the norm, there will be no need for a term such as ‘precision farming’,” says Bills. “It helps guide any decision a farmer makes by providing hard evidence from the land.

The more intel, the better.

It helps guide any decision a farmer makes by providing hard evidence from the land

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